studio HETHE x Natalie Charlotte

studio HETHE has collaborated with calligrapher Natalie Charlotte on a range of hand-lettered handmade side and trinket plates.

All plates are handmade by Jaime in her studio, glazed and fired awaiting their final adornment. The hand-lettered calligraphy is then created by Natalie, painstakingly converted into digital format and printed on special ceramic decal transfer paper. After being applied to glazed pieces, the plates are then treated to a third and final firing to adhere the calligraphy to the plates.

This multi-stage process has created a truly unique collaboration range, available in an off-the-shelf range as well as a bespoke, personalised offering.

The off-the-shelf range includes side plates and trinkets with choice words and initials, available in a range of rim-colours.

We also offer personalised custom made items with bespoke words or names and available in a choice of colours. Perfect as place settings, wedding favours or wall decor.

Due to the time intensive nature of the making process, we are only able to offer our bespoke, custom made service in the following ways:

  • 30+ Pieces - Please get in touch for bespoke orders for over 30 pieces - we can work with you on colours, wording and ensure a timeframe that suits your needs.
  • Less than 30 pieces - We will be doing one round of making a month for smaller, personalised orders. Place your order by the last working day of each month and your order will then be delivered by the second week of the next month for UK orders. We hope this batch bespoke system allows those of you who want smaller, one-off pieces to access our more personalised range.

If you would like a bespoke order or to customise any of our ready-to-buy items, please do get in touch

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